iScoin and inSpace

Think about a map of your social content (photos, files, friends, comments etc) that you can zoom into and share any component of. These customisable and shareable spaces are what we call ‘inSpaces’.

inSpace is the platform that you use to create and share spaces. You create these spaces from files and content that you upload.

Holding iScoin enables you to ‘like’ other peoples spaces and receive staking payouts. The top 100 weekly most liked spaces get an additional weekly payout in iScoin. You can also upgrade your file space using iScoin.

In future updates iScoin will support voting so the community can add and refine the top  content categories (as well as directing the ongoing development of the core platform).  This will create a user defined top content ‘space’ that maps all the content that receives payouts on the platform.

We aim to fund the ongoing development of inSpace with the iScoin ICO. This shares the proceeds of network growth with all early adopters who help our platform grow.